A Competition of Ripples

One of my biggest struggles is accepting that others put less value on their actions than they should.

I’ll frame it like this

I have PTSD and my symptoms do not match my reality.

👆🏼I have to be mindful of my symptoms or my symptoms will hijack my mind.

Many “symptoms” of life can hijack your mind and yet I see so many hostages around me.

I dodge and weave, wrangling my beliefs between triggers and reality.

All the while, the sound of chained feet shuffle about the streets.

Within another frame a picture explains that intellect is often gauged by perceptions.

Stage 01- self awareness

Stage 02- awareness of others

Stage 03 – awareness that you affect others

Stage 04 – awareness that your affect travels like ripples in a pond of water

Stage 05 – the mindfulness of throwing rocks vs building bridges

The third stroke in the painting is the first one I notice in others and begs me to conquer my biggest struggle to ascertain.

How do you not comprehend the results of your actions upon others and why must you continue to forsake the bridge with a competition of ripples?

Picture of Sean Harflinger

Sean Harflinger

Gen X Creative & Tortured Artist

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