A Contract to keep a Promise

Children speak in promises, so promises we must keep.

As I was wrapping up class last night I took the opportunity to speak about “contracts”.

Adults understand contracts because children speak in promises.

Often times the Adult world and its liabilities will disconnect us from that precious promise magic we spoke of as children.

From the heart with purpose
From the soul with passion

A promise from a child packs a punch
A promise from a child is pure

Within locked pinky’s the bond is signed for life.

What many children need to hear is the language of promises and the contracts that adults promise to keep.

It’s sounds like this.

I have a contract for you.
(As an adult you use “contract” in place of “promise” for the eventual set up for future “adult” definitions.)

A promise I make to you
(I now have bridged the two concepts)

I promise to be safe
I promise to be honest
I promise to share
I promise to teach
I promise to care
I promise to listen
I promise to protect

I sign this contract with eye contact.

Look to me and I promise to see you.

When we promise friendship
We sign a contract of survival.

The two promises every young soul needs to hear.

I promise to be your friend
I promise to help you survive

Children speak in Promises
So Promises we must Keep

As an “at risk” youth myself you never forget that pain. I have worked with “at risk” youth for decades and one thing you can count on.

Children whom have been neglected
Children whom are abused
Children whom are forgotten

Those children still believe in promises.

How do I know this?

I still believe in Promises.

From Makaha to Palama
My contract is to keep my promises

Mahalo for your courtesy.

Sifu Sean Harflinger
International Kajukenbo Association
Palama Youth Program

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