A Guarded Mind

A Guarded Mind

What bars our exception but a guarded entrance of a public perception. And it would seem thoughts spoken from your truth can get you into trouble.

A circle back towards old ways of discrimination and banishment wherein the establishment becomes the prominent source of input.

What compels such control and disregard?

From what state of mind does that outlook reside?

I wonder with a little bit of worry what will become of free will and the willingness to wrap your existence within it if by implied right wraiths rewrite your will?

So incredibly arrogant to think Divine right is yours to plunder and so what pains you beyond pleasure as you pursue what is not yours is the perceived power you gain from it. But perception often hides the most passionate of poisons, the ones that act slow in observance of your measure, measuring your worth as you whither and your soul divides to which side shall it linger?

A placement born from the guard towers of the tongue and the cancelled clout of those who toil beneath as thoughts fight through clenched teeth, pulling at one’s tongue for a slight breach beneath the gavel of the PC police.

And so silently the battle rages on between the wars of the tongue.

And with a witty turn this written message warps the subject as you turn back to tongue wars and silent battles.

Perhaps all this posturing should end with a kiss.

Perhaps thoughts and tongues should kidnap the heart and create a bit more bliss.

I miss the times when a kiss meant more than politics, when tears compelled compassion and the eccentric inner voice we all possess was the artwork of a master.

Free your guarded mind.

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