A positive vision of others.

A quality I cultivate constantly.

Seeking the best in others often reminds them of the best within themselves.

Aptitude alone is amazing but aptitude supported is awe inspiring.

We can inspire greatness in others by easily supporting their natural aptitude’s and positive qualities.

Be the cheerleader, the ring leader who’s homemade signs and cheers are the best in the group.

Make their best your best moment.

Meet every search for approval with smiling eyes of validation.

You might not realize it, but this practice permeates the very depths of the human condition.


By being that positive place you are staking your claim, in this space.

You are safe and I SEE YOU.

I see the BEST in YOU. (Insert smily face here)

That gift of safety and acceptance unlocks some pretty amazing magic.

Like super magical soul magic I can’t believe it’s not butter kind of cosmic awesomeness.

Who knew “I believe in You” was SO powerful.

Look for the best first, the worst is obvious.

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