A single thread can create a path to follow

A few years ago an old classmate mocked me.

I wasn’t surprised, meek as a child and mean as a man his remarks solidified my observations.

It also proved his narcissism for he knew nothing of me, just the version of me that lives in his mind.
He must have viewed me as weak, timid or poor because his social transactions seem to define those perceptions now.

There are several reactions to the lives we live.

Many choose survival
Many choose to serve
Many choose to taint
Many choose to terror

Most choose a noose woven from the three that serve only “ME”.

Please don’t.

You only need posses a single thread to weave a better way.

As for the boy turned bully, eternity has a way of working things out.

Perhaps we can leave behind a string that leads towards a better path.

Personal note
It took me several imaginary battles with my ego before I actually let this moment go and that only time will tell.

How attached am I to the chain of pain one insult incurred?

I was hurt and the heavy bag wore a memory for awhile.

Then, as I pounded out the pain empathy struck back and put me in his shoes.

His awareness might be oblivious but his subconscious picks up on peoples reaction to his manifestations.

And as my actions are my own so be it within his.

Go in Peace

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