A tango between two legs.

Early morning comedy as a gecko jumps on my arm as I get into the shower.

So I try to fling him off my arm but instead he lands on my head.

I go to grab him but he climbed onto my forehead, try grab him again and he jumps and lands on my foot.

I step one leg out of the shower and let him off but he doesn’t want to get off my foot.

Unfortunately for him that is not his decision and a swift shake flings him off my foot and he runs off.

The whole time I was praying “please don’t land on my Johnson.” That’s a rodeo I don’t want to deal with but a super funny scene for a movie I bet.

Gecko lands on a guys Johnson in the shower and he does everything he can to shake it off.

Takes about 8 seconds but the gecko finally gets off (no pun intended)


Hawai’i problems.

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