A wish licked true.

For 84 years our dog has licked the salty tracks left upon my cheeks. Snuggled up against me, fluffy and full of old lady dog farts. Her gaze catches mine and her eyes ask “are you ok?”

Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is licked off my cheeks and replaced with dog slobber.

But that slobber is filled with the most innocent love and adoration. Serving only one purpose and giving only one meaning.

The slobber of unconditional love.

Sure it’s mixed with snot but so are my tears so it’s a fair exchange.

Such a patient old lady, in her wisdom she’ll watch me pace the house, my melancholy the mental muse of the moment until she has had enough and signals me with a wagging tale and tell tale eyes that beg for my return from murky mindscapes.

In a dogs eyes resides the funky puppy moments that create smiles. Such hope, such innocence in the moments that deserve it.

Her eyes sing to with me with that smile, “let’s play, let’s remember those days and let’s get carried away.”

And so the snot wins the debate and slobbery kisses await salty tracks on chipmunk cheeks and once again my old lady has fulfilled her wish.

To be the dog that licks salty chipmunk cheeks.

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