Avoid the crowds this Corona-ween Holiday with ten out of the bag ideas to keep Halloween funny, safe and socially distant.

This Halloween is unlike any other with The Covid-19 Pandemic creating new rules and practices changing the way we celebrate holidays and social traditions.

The Magic of Halloween is one of the creepiest joys of the holiday season as we share our fears and face them together through gathering in the streets against the dark backdrop of the unknown threats that pursue us.

Our reward is the sweet addiction of copious amounts of sugary treats and the virtuous signaling of fears defeat for another year.

Faced with replacing old traditions, we must adapt and overcome new fears with new fearful fallacies that our virtue can defeat.

Speaking of fearful fallacies, lets get back to the blood n Guts and cringe worthy good fun that Halloween harkens unto us.

Here are ten out of the bag ideas to keep Halloween funny, safe and socially distant.

1. In House halloween

In House Halloween is lockdown friendly as your home becomes the the trick or treat trail incarnate. Each room is a Home, each door hides an unknown fright for the night as you role play through your home.

Ideally, In House Halloween is for your tiniest terrors, those creepy toddlers and frightful children whom are easily carried away by their imagination.

2. Sling Shot Trick or Treat

Exactly what it sounds like, socially distant Halloween patrons can also burn some calories dodging and dislodging well aimed sweet treats as the terror practice begins. It is a best practice to avoid wrist rockets and hard candy such as jolly ranchers and jaw breakers and it is strongly advised that protective eye wear is worn, Candy Corn to the open eye can cause a great deal of discomfort.

3. Seek and Treat

When Holidays get locked down, all kinds of freaky things can happen, a fusion of Easter and Halloween. Seek and Treat is just as fun for the kids as it is for the adults. Resurrect those old plastic Easter eggs and fill them with Halloween treats, hide them for your little ghouls to find in a haunted Halloween hide and seek.

21+ and older crowds turn “Seek and Treat” into a drinking game with every egg found allowing the finder to pick another for a Halloween treat, whether its shots or kisses, whomever finds the eggs gets their wishes.

4. I forgot Halloween

I forgot Halloween is a lot more popular than you would imagine or like to admit publicly but it is a very viable option.

Leading up to the holiday however, you need to start playing the role and avoiding Halloween speak. No mention of treats or scary things, you must be fully committed to pull off one of the most taboo Holidays schemes..

I forgot Halloween

5. I’ve been possessed

I’ve been possessed is only meant for the hardcore actors in the house whom start the wind up a few weeks before Halloween.

Start with randomly stacking canned food in the kitchen in the middle of the night and acting totally surprised in the morning when they are discovered.

Make up will be required to add to your diminished appearance

A blue tooth speaker playing demonic whispering with you alone in the room is great for production value.

Order the priest costume and find a conspirator

Play a couple movies with a “possession” theme in the background a few days before to set the trap.

As Halloween arrives and the sun starts to set, the priest arrives as a friendly neighborhood meet n great and things get a little weird and mom/dad gets possessed.

The priest acts without hesitation and the exorcism begins.

I’ve been possessed has now upstaged Halloween and you might have broken your children.

If you are super good at it, I suggest offering your services to other families in need.

Note- I’m Possessed is only recommended for mature audiences.

6. Inspector Normal

Turn your home into the paranormal inspection site by conducting an EVP session in the many rooms of your home. EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena is the process of catching auditory responses from alleged spiritual sources (Ghost answer your questions and get caught on tape)

Write up a bunch of questions and see whats up

Many, very rarely explore the unexplored right beneath their noses, your home and the space it occupies has a history. Perhaps an unheard history you might catch with the right questions.

7. Scary History

While we are exploring the ethereal history of your homes we might as well hit up the internet and see what your search engine can find out about the spooky history of your block, your town, your state and the countryside nearby.

Who knows what resides on the other side just beneath your feet, history has a way of burying itself to those whom forget to look back.

An education about the dark roots and poison parts of the land about you can keep the muck from seeping in.

Scary History in my opinion should be a Halloween tradition because every child needs to be aware of the dark places that exist in their own back yards.

Note – Scary History is going to have to be content friendly and appropriate for younger children, unless of course, your toddlers have seen all the “IT” movies and can win a Freddy vs Jason argument with a blood crazed horror fan then carry on.

8. Scary Movie Night

Scary Movie Night is the CLASSIC “go to” Halloween back up and deserves its due diligence. Make sure you pick the right line up, the story sets up the whole night so pick your movies right.

Mix it Up

I like to switch paradigms and make the Villain the Hero

Jason is just another victim and turns the tides. Freddy just likes dream therapy, Werewolves need whispers and ungodly creatures are just misunderstood.

Lip Sync contest

Turn down the volume and turn up the voiceovers as you recreate your favorite horror movies with a personal twist.

Mystery Science theater visits the Crypt keeper.

9. Scare and share

Sharing personal stories of fear and the unexplained are absolutely the best stories to share as they bring those sharing closer together. That suspense and solidarity shared is one of the greatest moments of nostalgia you could ask for.

Get every family member up, give them the flashlight and turn down the lights.

Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma are going to pass down the family line, those bone chilling stories that shock your spine.

Perhaps the most Important horror stories you will ever hear will come from the lips of those you love.

10. Fright Chef

Fright Chef is all about making the scariest food you can imagine, things that turn your stomach and repulse even the most fearless monster hunters.

Gooey Eyeballs and Bloody Finger cookies, Noodle intestines and macaroni and cheese brains, whatever it takes to make your Halloween meal as frightful as possible.

With Halloween locked down and Socially distant you can grab these ten unconventional ideas out of the goodie bag and create a sense of trick and terror in your home this Halloween holiday.

Please enjoy these selections and feel free to share your stories with us..

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