Blaze new trails towards new discoveries.

A well beaten path through a very dense forest can be the easiest path to take. A well beaten path is faster, safer, it’s clean and you don’t have to think too much to walk down this path.

You can think of this path as everyday habits and behaviors we have created. Our daily routines and discriminations, reactions and even memories.

All these things become even easier to automatically slip into the longer we use them. Ever widening these paths of habit and behavior within ourselves.

But what if we have created paths that don’t exactly serve us well?

Time to create new pathways.

The problem is the dense forest you have to hack through to create this new path. And if you don’t use it often it can easily become overgrown and lost.

And this is where most people give up. It can be hard to push and pull, forging new paths, facing unknown terrain.

It can be fearful and emotionally difficult depending on what path you are redirecting.

I find emotionally burdened trails are the hardest yet most fulfilling paths to work on.

Be mindful that trailblazing is not as easy as it sounds, most new paths take time to plan, construct and then use so it is important that we are gracious and patient not only with ourselves but others whom are bold enough to alter the map.

Trailblazers build monuments to discovery.

So, with fearless resolve

Grab that Machete.

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