Boot Camp is over and the Mission is Me.

Sometimes your harshest critic, your worst tormentor and biggest enemy can be yourself.

If you fear the face looking back at you in the mirror and despise the voice whispering in your ear you are not alone.

We all carry that critic with us in some fashion, some a lot more than others.

Just realize, that incarnation within yourself is nothing but a filter of fears, doubts and trepidation. It is NOT a true vision of you or the world. And it’s vision was never meant to be a prison guard who forsakes you, keeping you locked away forever.

Originally set up as a warning system to keep you aware of the “what if’s” and negative possible outcomes. Over ions it evolved into a pretty powerful drill instructor.

So, if your “drill instructor” is tearing you down more than he is building you up, something is wrong.

Here’s where the work begins.

Telling the drill instructor his duty has been modified.

The message is very easy.

Boot camp is over, I passed and now you exist to support the mission.

The mission is…..ME!!!

So please use your powers to protect me….

It might sound silly but a lot of things in life are “voice activated”

Just thinking it isn’t powerful enough, you need to manifest it into reality through voice.

You need to hear it…

Luckily, these conversations with yourself can be done in private and you can avoid talking to yourself in public.

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