Check out my super cool lunchbox

What color is your soul?

Mine is blue and sparkly like all the special effects in the 80s.

At least that is what I suspect.

Cool “Cocoon” or “poltergeist” type effects.


I’m totally blue and sparkly.

If more people asked this question more people might realize how silly it is to argue about the package the prize is contained within.

What color is your soul?


We should all be jazzed about all the stuff we have in common.

You have a body!!!

Me too!!!

We’re alive?

How freakin cool is that?

Life should be like the first day of school.

We all should be in complete awe that other kids have super cool lunchboxes we’ve never seen before.

Once we start judging lunchboxes the radiation from our critical cores melts them.

It’s the first day of school and you’ve got a super cool sparkly soul in your Scooby doo lunchbox to show everyone.

And a fancy thermos too.

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