Create a romantic reality

How do I create the relationship I desire?
By example of course.
To create a nurturing relationship with my wife I reach out and create it. I physically reach out and touch her, hundreds of times a day I validate her with the physical manifestation of my love, my desire and dedication.
A hug, big or small, long or short, it doesn’t matter.
I’ll grab her hand, touch her shoulder, whisper in her ear so close it tickles.
Hundreds of times a day I’m physically present in that moment with her.
Even if for a tenth of a second at a time, a smile as I walk past her field of vision, a premeditated clumsy bump while walking past her in the kitchen.

The relationship I desire is created with thousands of moments that she knows where I stand. That familiar feel of support and companionship.

A thousands moments to remember and lean up against.

Those single moments of doubt don’t stand a chance.

Because I created the reality I desire.

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