Dignity Deserved

Ask yourself this.

Would it be considerate to call a fat person fat to their face? Or make note how fat they are a few times a day?

Would you bring up a widows loss love daily?

Talk about how great a rape victims perpetrator is doing at his new job?

Or treat someone with anxiety or depression, PTSD like theyre crazy and incapable of anything normal.

You wouldn’t for the first three.

But in 2018 it is perfectly acceptable to treat those suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD or suffer from a mental health issue poorly.

Heads up!

People deserve dignity, the dignity that comes from suffering.

Nobody wants to suffer and it is our job to comfort them, not ridicule them.

You show grace and empathy…

So if you know someone struggling, they deserve their dignity.

Don’t shred it by diminishing their sanity, don’t treat them like they’re crazy, nuts, insane or stupid.

Anxiety, depression and PTSD don’t reduce you’re IQ. They don’t turn you into a drooling animal. I am not an absent minded beast, a psychotic killer or loony tunes, whacked out cartoon character.

I have real feelings and emotions that exist outside PTSD.

PTSD is a reactionary issue that many of us have been working on for decades.
I see people daily who lack the simple discipline it takes to hold their tongues and remain silent.
Imagine the mental fortitude it takes to fight neurological impulses that accompany PTSD.

My symptoms don’t match my reality.

I fight fake symptoms my mind runs through my head all day. Discerning what’s real and what’s a PTSD mock emotion telling me to engage.

And yet…..all that discipline and cultivation cut off at the knees because many can’t take the time to walk a mile in my shoes.

So, while I fight to keep things out of my head and dig myself out of this pit.

Please stop dumping dirt on me.

You can grab a shovel and help me dig…..it’s the right thing to do.

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