Feel the burn

Fitness during a pandemic has been perilous.

Within a year most of us have undergone massive changes to what once was our safe and happy torture.

That painful reunion for disciplines disillusion kept our sanity in check with dopamized (?? fake word) endorphacide (?? another fake word ?) and life was a gradual grind towards grace.

Enter in Mr. Viral Coronaland and life leap into lockdown.

Mask required everywhere

Masked access denied unless you virtuously signal with pride.

I’m cool with wearing my mask and easing the doubt, keeping the clout as I bustle about.

Unfortunately I see amuck a hazardous hustle from my eyes I cannot pluck.

A mask is a tool for many to use.

Unfortunately many tools are misused, mislabeled, abused and underrated.

This is by no means understated or exaggerated and even now as you search your days you’ve seen the disillusioned mask-less strays.

The ferrel faces unchecked and spurting about.

Virtuously signaling another type of clout.

And all I want is an unobstructed airway for my dopamized endorpacide.

So while in the public, CO2 is the new que for a safer and slightly light headed you.

In the meantime, feel the burn as you struggle to maintain healthy oxygen levels.

Stay safe during this Mid Life Virus.

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