Find the Storms in the middle.

My wife and I are masters of two different worlds and learning what lessons the other has mastered creates the most incredible storms.

Not all storms destroy, some storms merely clear a path or wash old wounds away.

Storms can influence you to move, to change, to engage foresight and adapt, hindsight and react.

Storms will have you sheltering in place, smelling moments and soaking up roses while getting lost in the order of the two.

And with a premeditated purpose Storms can expose the leaks and cracks the construct of your psyche has failed to notice.

And who better to notice the weather than the master of another dimension.

And what forecast I follow the storms must obey as my master of flames tries to see the clouds my way.

I fly with the stars while you surf n turf and the flames we hold for each other reside within the atmosphere between the Heavens and the Earth.

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