Fluck The Flock

I’ve been the lone Caucasian in nearly every occasion for the past 25 years of my life.

It is an enlightening isolation that few experience that I feel rewrites the implicit bias one picks up when you are part of the herd.

And because of this isolation I have discovered the many discords of minority.

Minority exist because the Majority’s bias is emboldened by the flock.

Whatever the color

Whatever the creed

That urge that birds of a feather fly together is something implicit bias needs to get its menace off the ground.

Flap your wings to another feather

Fluck the flock,

There’s warmer weather

Migrate your majority.

Discover new seasons of minority and view the world from a higher elevation.

From up here.

We all look the same.

The night before my wedding 1995

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