Four Twenty Years

Walking through the weeds that provide relief has been such an interesting traverse. The people, the politics, the plants. Everything was taboo and untested, mocked and misrepresented. It was a great time to pull away from the critical core people display and propagate new solutions with medicinal herbs.

I dove into diligence and became a mad scientist, experimenting with any plant I could get my hands on.

One day a nurse approached me and her secret garden changed the seasons of my life.

I then dedicated my skill set to those who needed it, at no charge, materials were free. Buckets, dirt, seeds, sweat and blood, all came with a conscious decision that what needed to grow was not only the plants that provide, but the very real and healing connections souls can make when working together for a common cause.

Unfortunately not all causes are common.

For nearly twenty years I was a second class citizen dodging stigmas and stereotypes while risking everything to help those who suffer mitigate their pain with the safe and educated use of medicinal Cannabis.

Fortunately the cause became common because profit came a calling and although the contracts continued, the stigmas remained the same.

And so this F1 hybrid shows that consistency of character grows the more dedicated you are to its discipline.

The link below shares a bit about my story and some helpful tips about Cannabis.

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