Friday Morning Meditation

Meditation this morning was painful as I squared up on the hardwood and breathed in deeply. My lower spine edgy and upset that the morning was met so early. Alexa set the mood and with a purple hue to the room I started to take inventory of a 46 year old body. I like to stand in a shoulder width stance and just start to instinctively check out the mechanics of motion my joints and muscles provide. I close my eyes, breath in deeply and follow my body where the mind needs to be. I’ll follow the joints down from my neck to my ankles, slowly rotating and moving in whatever fashion triggers a response. If it hurts to throw a ball, I’ll mimic every motion associated within the gambit of ball handling, that form becomes the physical therapy of the moment. This morning I stood in stance for 30 minutes and if someone were to see the possession of painful expression my dance of discovery entertained they would surely feel I was of paranormal spirit.

After the dance was done I sat on the couch all proper with my back straight, shoulders back and with an eager chest began taking slow deep breaths. The time for internal revenue is due and breathing deeply is the quickest way to cash in. Twenty breaths in and it’s a deep dive, my mind has visualized what the body has told me and I can feel a diminished capacity to which increasing cardio will cure and then the short breaths of a sleepily walking dog enter my mind milliseconds before Brownie Mocha Latte buries her face in my groin. And now she shares the moment as I scoop her in close between my knees and scrunch down to hug her, I begin my meditation once again as I hug and pet her only this time with inception in mind I try to totally relax my being and telepathically plant the seed that crotch sniffing is a delicate topic with humans and knowing the moment is critical. Brownie smiles as happy lab mixes do and with a eye of consideration she chuffs and tries to lick my face. I allow a lick and trade a tickle and another hug for a classic dog smile and Friday morning has officially begun.

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