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Dragons Are Born

Forever 16 Tombstone Markers (out-takes)

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Harcovia Prime Reporting

New Tainted Metal Tariffs have pushed the citizens of the neighboring system over the edge as the Pugnam industry falters. Pugnam Pirates begin to push back against the new sanctions and Harcovia Prime was there to break the story. Now the Pugnam Piracy Clans have put a bounty on Harcovia Primes head pushing Prime to go OFFGRID….

Explorer Prime

Field Experiment Video Logs

The only way to learn is to push the boundaries with a question and a quest for adventure. As I discover questions and quest those answers and inventions will be yours to share as well.

Cosmic Clips

The clips that complete the Cosmos and the traveler that brings them to you.

Travel through Framed Memories


Singing to the Stars is the only way to hear the Beats of Glittering Galaxies.

Freighter Renovator

Call Harcovia Prime anytime for a complete list of options. The Freighter Renovator and Base Generator is here to help all your Freighter & Base Building needs.

Me and Mai Tai

Freelance Journalism is elite dangerous and ExoSuit AI just doesnt give me what I need.

Affirmations from Artemis confirmed an new type of AI exist.

Nevermind living ships, convergence cubes and mind arcs.

Nothing like this has every existed before.

Acquired and installed

It’s just Me and Mai Tai

Did I order a Mai Tai?

Ciruit Breath

Views from the void