Haunted Hawaii

The third floor tenant

Cornets, Makaha

Often I would have to climb up to the very top of the third floor and check out the rooftop of building B of Cornets (the 3 story building)

Nobody knows when I do this as it’s on my own accord.

One night roughly around midnight I remembered I need to check out the roof due to roofers working and it was raining so I wanted to protect the gear they left out.

I’m standing in the middle of the roof, it’s midnight and tiny stones start hitting me.

Not hard, not soft

One, then another, then another

After ten I decided to pray

It stopped

How did this happen?

I was too far up for anyone to be able to see me

I was right in the middle of the roof, I couldn’t even see the houses below let alone them see me.

The rocks didn’t hit hard enough to rationalize a slingshot.

One of many unexplained Makaha Cornets encounters.

The third floor apartment

Often times I would get calls from the neighbors behind Cornets that the third floor apartment lights were on and what looked to be an old Asian man was walking about and out on the balcony.

The thing was

The third floor apartment was vacant and had been for years.

Locked away with no access

Circuit breaker for the apartment turned off.

Motion alarms set every night

I would check it out every time I got the call and never found evidence of anything.

My dogs would never enter the apartment and you could feel the bad mana as you approached the unit.

To make things worse

From time to time my kids would mention seeing an old Asian man staring down at them through the 3rd story warehouse windows and I would always check it out.

Undo the third floor alarms and never did I find anything.

I would get calls from business owners asking who was on the third floor all the time.

Many times dark shadows would bum rush me up on the third floor and flash past me while I was securing windows and checking on roof leaks, or looking for that old Asian guy.

Be sure when you drive bye Cornets in Makaha to check out those third floor windows, you might just get a glimpse of the third floor tenant.

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