Heard and Heeded

There is something I try to see.

The Devine Masculine within me.

The examples are far a few between and yet I search for this meaning.

What can I glean from the weak and evil with their legions of the morally feeble?

An example?
An exposed ankle?
A memory of my own feeble ways?

Tranquil is fractal when you let it loose.
Pain multiples if you choose.

What is Devine within me is always a vision I try to see.

Pain does not have to be my only memory.

And just when I get all excited about searching, I’ll notice a little thought perching on a branch in the side of my mind.

Singing a bird song that simply implies.

“You are Devine”

Perhaps searching for sights and visions are not what I needed.


Listening to songs perched there all along are heard and heeded.

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