Hisato – Character Bio

Malama Katana


A prince raised for a single mission, to find the path of the prophecy and take the steps to vanquish what is behind the evil that is corrupting the land. Armed with an enchanted Katana, the more Hisato cares for the sword the more the sword cares for him. At full power, the sword becomes weightless, indestructible, imbues Hisato with healing powers, insight and luck.

As Hisato gets into the flow of the fight the powers of the sword are at their highest and Hisato cuts through his enemies like a brilliant composer of steal, blood and destruction. Hisatos’ life is filled with irony and love lost, as a boy with a pure heart he stumbled upon the spirit of the sword and was blessed with the sword’s enchantment, Hisato chooses to honor his purpose and walks towards the path of the prophecy.

Hisato is a very heartfelt hero which is his power and his weakness. He really cares for the hearts of others and lives his life with a very deep respect for the spark that lights the way for our souls to follow, he once found love as a young Samurai in Japan but was torn away to board a ship sailing towards the unknown.

A fish out of water, stranded in a new world filled with death, Hisato finds love again, fights the undead and makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Resurrected 500 years later, Hisato is once again a fish out of water, heartbroken and alone, cursed as the undead and thrust into a new modern world with an ancient threat. Hisato yearns for love, a cure and an end of the corruption that binds him.


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