How do you label yourself?

By your race?
Your sexuality?
Your political or religious views?
Your physicality or lack thereof?
Your monetary status or lack thereof?
Are you a “have” or “have not”?
Have you assigned yourself a number or a percentage, checked a box or circled a demographic that fits you?

What do all these labels have in common?
You might say to yourself, “they include me, I am a part of something”.

To which I would agree, however, if you think about it, is the inclusivity of all these labels really what it’s cracked up to be?

Is it worth belonging to one group only to exclude another group?

To have a definition about who you are and what you stand for IS important.
The identity that you subscribe to does matter.

Be mindful not to get lost within all those labels.

Labels constrict your consciousness and construct barriers between you and others.

I believe in better labels.

For example

I am kind
I believe in others
I love hugs

I would rather connect with others over what we have in common rather than disconnect because of what we don’t.

I put forth a challenge

Instead of reading the obvious labels people wear, look for the ones that are harder to find.

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