“I’ve got your back!”

Validate your children often…

Sage advice in a time when so many children are at risk.

Validation isn’t spoiling your child or caving in to every demand.

Validation is reinforcing those foundations that make up their self image, their family maps, their ethos and overall bearing.

Reinforce your loyalties often, strengthen your commitment to them and share your oath.

“I’ve got your back!”

Four words that your children need to hear often and have faith in.

Breach difficult conversations with humility.
I have a million embarrassing “coming of age” stories that seem to still be happening as I enjoy my 40s that help me open doors to the many rooms my children inhabit.
I tell my kids all the time that I would be a negligent parent if I didn’t start difficult conversations and initiate discussions about personal welfare and mental hygiene.

“I love you” comes in SO many forms and I share my love with my children often by validating our bond.

Hold them, hug them, smell their hair and devote everything to them.

I’m teaching the art of validation to my kids.

My intent is that they pass it on.

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