I’ve got your Pack

I’m a pack person

I know what part of the pack I play and I participate everyday.

With people so is it with pets.

I’m a pack animal and entering that frame of mind is one of my favorite pastimes. I spend time everyday on the level my dogs like to play which ends up being a pile of dogs and me.

Laying in the grass
Laying in the leaves.

I learned early in life that hearts seek hearts and equality speaks with the spirit.

If you are open to it the world will bring you love with fur and a feather.
For me, the fur and feather brought so many beautiful things together when ugly things were chasing me down.

And so within the pack I lay, giving equality this time, everyday.

Laying in the grass
Laying in the leaves

Listening to those furry exhales of release and giving power to my fuzzy little geeks.

Not just for them, but for me.

A cherished relationship laying in the grass.

Laying in the leaves.

We exhale
We smile

My fuzzy weirdoes and me.

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