A shipwrecked Samurai in ancient Hawaii, fights the undead. Only to be resurrected 500 years later to fight them again.

This time, he is one of them

Malama Katana

"If you Care for the Sword, the Sword will Care for you"

Malama Katana is an episodic horror/fantasy series with 13 episodes per season. 


A shipwrecked Samurai in ancient Hawaii, fights the undead. Only to be resurrected 500 years later to fight them again. This time, he is one of them. 

“If you care for the Sword, the Sword will Care for you.” 

It’s kind of like 

The Walking dead meets 47 Ronin in Middle Earth during a Hawaiian vacation 

About the show 

Hisato follows a prophecy to an island chain in oceans long lost to mankind. Wielding an enchanted Katana, blessed with an ancient honor, he becomes stranded in lands filled with tremendous peril, powerful enemies, soul shattering loss and the persevering patience of genuine hearts. 

Set in two eras, we follow Hisato as he fights the undead in Polynesia circa 1520 and then again in Honolulu 2020.  

Heroes, separated by centuries, come together, enchanted, against an entrenched evil that seeks to corrupt the world. 

As Hisatos’ ship nears the island of Molokai we begin our journey, his men venture onshore and are met with evil. They return to the ship and an outbreak ensues, destroying the crew and sinking the ship. After suffering the loss of his good friends, peers and mentor to the outbreak, Hisato finds himself shipwrecked and alone. Unaware his arrival coincides with a much larger outbreak, Hisato explores the island and soon finds a village. First contact with the corrupted evil is thwarted by Hisato as he saves several woman and children on the outskirts of the village and so begins the introductions from the past.  

A foreign warrior negotiating foreign lands, Hisato gains the trust of the village leadership and joins them in discovering what has caused this evil corruption. Hisato is introduced to a new culture, new powers, deadly threats, love and a chance to fulfill the prophecy that brought him so far from home. 

The first half of each 60-minute episode is set in ancient Hawaii circa 1520, hundreds of years before western contact. Within this village we experience a rich cultural exchange with Hisato and are introduced to strong lead character archetypes that exist in both eras. We also explore mystic totems that imbue our lead characters with regional, traditional and cultural enchantments such as the Totem of the Owl which empowers its wearer with the spiritual powers of that Aumakua. We enjoy several other totems, such as the Shark, The Land and the Lei of Spirits which allows its wearer the ability to walk with the spirits. These enchanted totems are partnered with our lead characters in both eras.  

The 13 episodes within the first season will follow Hisato, Ka’ihe, Ka’ala and Kekoa as well as the villagers and the surrounding villages as they cope with the outbreak and the onslaught of corruption.  Hisato is reunited with a lost companion and together with the leadership of the village, face uncertain peril and devise a plan to drive the corruption from the island chain.  

As we follow the adventures of the past, so do we follow the adventures of the present as Kawika, his wife Becca, their children Carrie and Christopher discover new powers, possibilities and peril in Honolulu 2020. 

Introductions from the present. 

The second half of each 60-minute episode begins after the mid commercial break and we visit Honolulu present day 2020 to uncover the path that leads us to the prophecy…. Hisato. 

Kawika, a local cop finds himself in the middle of destiny and doom as he and his family inherit an ancient chest filled with the totems of the past and a broken katana. As this discovery comes to light, the dark rises again and an ancient evil begins to corrupt the land. Kawika heads the task force investigating the mysterious attacks that leave no trace of the victims, only blood drenched crime scenes and questions. Becca, Kawikas wife and his two “college” aged kids, Carrie and Christopher begin to realize that there is more to the family heirlooms they inherited as the totem’s true powers manifest throughout the first season. Their power builds, preparing them for the fight against the legions of the corrupted that is on the horizon. As Kawika uncovers the path to the prophecy, he enlists the help of his close friends and together they explore the trail that leads them to the source of the corruption and with it, Hisato.  

As Kawika defends himself against an undead Hisato, he thrust his inherited blade into Hisatos’ chest, reunited our hero from the past with his enchanted sword. The enchantment reunited, freeing Hisatos trapped soul and unlocking his mind, his body however, eternally cursed as the undead. 

Now Hisato, the undying Samurai fights alongside his legacy to escape the caverns of the corrupted to warn the world and defend their island home. 

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