Notice the tiny triumphs for they lead to much larger victories.

That moment grace replaced grumble and you held your fire, turning hate to humble.

It’s discipline in disguise, pleasant moments of surprise when noticed inspire compromise.

The ability to change, to become better, to seek a higher self starts with many tiny triumphs.

Notice the moment as to recognize it, memorize it and actively try to repeat it.

These tiny triumphs will lead to much larger victories.

-personal note-

Recently I braced myself for a round of constructive criticism about my work. As anxiety raced, my heart paced and I could feel doubt and depression lurking, lingering in the shadows of my confidence.

That is, until I practiced a pivot in perception. A tiny paradigm shift that converted the criticism from destructive to constructive.

A tiny triumph within a moment of fear that I must keep with me to practice again throughout the years.

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