Pavlov would be Proud

A year ago I was the master of the maze.

Unleashed, my twin teenagers, like hounds would corner their quarry and the rewards the master of the maze would reap.

Sausages and spiced meatballs, sushi, weird freaky cheeses and gummies infused with multi vitamins stacked within my carts top basket like the Duke of Samplovia.

It was the best of times…..

That is

Until the worst of times arrived with a cough and a sniffle.

The problem with pandemics is that “once was” usually gets locked down and quarantined and our beloved bounty was the first to feel the headmans axe.

And so the times were lean and land suffered

The hunt was but a memory

The maze lost its meaning and all things grew dark.

That is until a bright light pierced the eternal darkness.

Ten heavenly samples lay on a golden platter and as my reflex rejected reality the incredibly clear plexiglass stunted my grasp with a painful “THUNK”.

Humiliation swiftly headed my way but for the split second appropriation of folly the gentleman behind me displayed.


My eyes train on the Costco employee whom stood behind the devious contraption and I catch her glance and we smile to each other, swiftly acknowledging the call to the whistle with a sarcastic spark in our eyes.

You cruel, cruel corporate puppet masters and your incredibly clean plexiglass.

I cant believe you THUNK this stuff up and right as we head into the holiday season.

Try our cookies!!!!


Vitamin Water!


This holiday season please THUNK before you instinctively reach out for those scrumptiously illicit samples and be mindful the whistle when it calls.

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