Projected Faces.

Take note

Often we mischaracterize people with depression, anxiety, PTSD. It’s easy to think that they’re constantly “out of it” or “having an episode” and as such, real feelings, emotions and thoughts get hijacked with a false narrative or perception.

The truth is, depression, anxiety and PTSD all effect the afflicted but don’t overshadow reality as much as we think. I can only speak for myself from this point on but I experience the full range of emotions as well, just like other people and there are days I’m just hurt, or upset, grumpy and in pain and PTSD hasn’t engaged yet.

I do get a bit frustrated when the “auto-response” to PTSD plays out with family and friends and my true feelings get kicked to the curb. It is super obvious when the “auto-response” has been initiated because everyone goes into their habitual reactions. And while the “auto-response” is in play I’m just a whacked out guy having a PTSD outburst and legitimate feelings and thoughts are now underscored as mild psychosis.

And so the stigma shuts me down again, trapped behind the glass, you see me but you can’t hear me.

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