We deserve 100%

They say 50% of the population suffers from some sort of mental health issue at some time throughout their lives.

Which means the other 50% in some way knows or loves someone who is coping with the symptoms.

100% of the world is in this thing together and the best way to cope is with conversations, compassion and education.

Share your 100% with the other 50%

My life is the sum of terrible addition

An equation I have studied a lifetime to undo.

I grew up in the shadows of my fathers PTSD.

It was severe, it was heartbreaking, it was intense.

Some of that BS imprinted itself into my life and I fight it in a much different way than my father did.

I did however stumble into the same pitfalls as most, I drank, I fought, I acted anykine and screamed at the stars.

I’ll be unpacking my PTSD throughout this Mid Life Virus blog

Post from the past reclaiming the present for futures sake…

Of what directions do we boast if not inflections on reflections of post boast boredoms.

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