Replace the Bait.

How do you handle being disrespected?

The control of contempt comes not from silence.

But from honesty.

Can we control our reactions on both fronts?

On the initial trespass and on its reaction?

We hold our tongues and our fist out of the discipline of character.

This discipline extrapolates into courage.

Can you have the courage to hold your tongue?


Can you display the courage to absorb an insult?

What crack in our resolve doth solve this weakness if we never try to mend it?

Where, in the journey towards strength did we miss this important step?

To live with confidence in your validation of self without the external use of another.

And how is this not a worthy mistake to discontinue to replicate?

When we speak of respect.

Who is wrong?

They whom lack restraint


They whom take the bait from the unrestrained.

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