Sexy Barbarians serve a purpose.

Conan was a defining film for me during my childhood.

I grew up in the country where wolves and magic existed in the dark shadows of the forrest and the swords of my ancestors I searched for in the mountains behind my home.

Conan became my brother in arms as I searched for the riddle that only steal contained. Krom beneath my feet and an archers god above my brow, giant snakes and evil deeds cannot stop me now. My mantra within a child’s mind had me running through the forrest as Conan trailed behind.

James Earl Jones will always bring me between two serpents and sexy barbarians will always serve a purpose. To call to me from shadows within green to follow the swords of my ancestors from my childhood dreams.

Oh, and that you can kill a buzzard with just your teeth while crucified on a narly old tree.

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