Smiling during a knife fight.

Domestication is my mastered vocation along with the many hats that hang upon my walls. A virtual stack of hat boxes strapped by the chin to accommodate another at a whim, a social distraction, a measured reaction to ease the tempered minds that walk about. For their Steele is in their eyes and their tempers forge many daggers. So with a jingle and a grin we choose a hat box for daggers and let the knife throwing practice begin.

I’ll counter a knife throw with a smile that a mask can’t hide, the smiles that reach out from your eyes. Those happy eyes that kids and puppy’s can’t look away from because it’s their favorite kinda vibe. The building up to a giggle, a burst and a happy tingle that travels across the synapses of your mind. That kinda smile carries within it a special kinda spark that dulls the daggers edge and denies its flight.

Super cool to give those smiles away to all the knife fighters shopping for quality wholesale goods.

Oh and I made meatloaf.

Kind of a weird way to express the Costco run today. But schluffing off the misplaced faces, resting or not takes a weird spin of several different comedians to get back into the flow. I would say “Lord only knows” but it’s most likely him and his two influencers that are compelling me to be so honest and vulnerable about the weirdness of my human condition. Thus, my ride along readers whom gotten this far into the post I thank you for bringing my words into your life.

What was a regular run through the public domain sparked thoughts of paths to happier days where mask no longer deny their smiles and eyes can turn back towards the windows they are meant to guard.

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