Smiling through the Swarms

I feel my options have been adopted by many and just might have swayed the murder Hornet population to swarm somewhere else.

Murder Hornet checklist

1. Make friends with tennis player

2. Hire tennis player as personal murder hornet security detail

3. If tennis player gets killed, buy armored Bear from dark web.

4. Invent “sticky mist” murder hornet spray from marshmallows that gums up the nasty bastards and has an exotic foods resale value.

5. Kidnap Murder Hornet queen with elaborate African Prince lottery scheme.

6. Spend decades convincing Murder Hornets that their Murder Hornet mentality is rooted in a poverty mindset only to be freed with hot yoga and humming at 1.11 MHz while Sun gazing at dawn and dusk.

7. Play “flight of the bumblebee” 24/7 in a military style noise attack.

8. Poison the Honeybees with a genetically modified pheromone that causes the Murder Hornets to kill each other in a super violent Murder Hornet Orgy.

9. Buy Murder Hornet furry costume and invent a social media Murder Hornet mascot that sells habanero infused honey called “hot honey, honey to die for” and become world recognized super conglomerate.

10. Go beach and wash the crazy from my cabin fever.


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