Social Emotional Agnosia

A story that follows a couple through an impossible love

Sam and Cindy suffer from a special type of brain damage that impairs their ability to read facial expressions , tonal intonations and body language.

Their heart knows they’re in love but their mind keeps missing the point.

We follow Sam and Cindy as they transition through testing and diagnosis of Social Emotional Agnosia.

The Psychiatrist performs the test that determine the diagnosis.


Social-emotional agnosia is generally diagnosed through the use of two tests, the Faux Pas Test and the Strange Stories Test. Both of these tests are used to show deficits in theory of mind, the recognition of mental states of others. For people with social-emotional agnosia, it is mainly the emotional states that are difficult for them to recognize. Studies have shown that subjects with amygdala damage perform poorly on both the Faux Pas test and the Strange Stories test.

Faux Pas test

The Faux Pas test measures how socially adept one is in certain situations. For this test, a faux pas is considered a statement or action that accidentally offends another person. During the test, the subject or patient is told of various social situations and later asked if one of the people in the story would be offended in the situation. A person with impaired social skills would have difficulty in detecting the faux pas made by characters in the stories.

Strange Stories test

The emotional aspect of social-emotional agnosia is usually assessed with the Strange Stories test. The subject or patient is presented with two sets of stories: social stories that refer to people’s emotional states, and physical stories that refer to physical behaviors. Those with deficits in determining others’ emotional states will answer questions regarding the emotional stories incorrectly, but will answer questions regarding the physical stories correctly (showing that their comprehension of the stories is not impaired, but instead that their comprehension of emotional states in others is impaired).

Other tests

Another test that could be used to diagnose emotional deficits is the Facial Recognition Test, where subjects are presented a number of pictures of faces with a variety of expressions, and are asked to determine what emotion they are depicting.

They begin to experience love at first sight but cant read the body language to know what’s happening

They start to date

They fall in love

They play charades and make fun of people “with emotions”

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