Solidarity Synchronized

I put this out there to prove a point.

You can silently agree, like or comment.

Our differences are dwarfed by our similarities.

I’ve cried behind a locked door as my parents fought.

I’ve been the new kid outcast at school.

I been chased down the street by an older bully.

I’ve had a black eye in the school picture.

I’ve hid my cheap skateboard under expensive surf shop stickers.

I’ve shoplifted

I’ve dared to ask out a crush and I’ve been denied, and on occasion I’ve triumphed and soared.

I’ve been misunderstood a 1,000 times and counting and yet I still try.

I’ve loved and I’ve lost and I continue to love.

I’ve been discriminated against, stigmatized, undervalued and minimized.

I’ve eaten my share of government cheese.

I’ve put down the bottle, picked it up and put it down again, only to pick it up and put it down again.

I’ve walked away from people who I knew were bad for me and then took them back only to be horribly wrong.

I’ve lamented over the death of a parent, friends and pets.

I’ve saved a life

I’ve mentored those who needed me

I’ve held out my hand in friendship to strangers.

I’ve defended the weak

I’ve lost my temper and yelled at the wrong people and I’ve hurt those closest to me.

I’ve had bosses, co workers and supervisors whom I thought were the worst people in the universe and I bet I was right.

I’ve talked people out of suicide only to be denied when I tried.

I’ve texted and talked on my cellphone while driving.

I’ve been homeless and alone

I’ve been broken

I’ve been lost

I’ve been beaten for my beliefs

I’ve defended others for theirs

I’ve been called a devil

I’ve seen my interracial children mocked

I’ve hated myself and sought redemption.

I’ve raised children and cried when they left the house.

I’ve teased boyfriends and shopped for prom dresses

I’ve held my kids as they’ve cried and cried with them

I’ve survived a traumatic head injury, well somewhat.

I’ve fought with my wife and lost her, and gained her back.

I’ve fought for my son and had him, and lost him and found him.

I’ve been judgmental of others and I was wrong.

I’ve struggled with PTSD, lost, fought and triumphed, only to loose again and win.

I’ve always carried Jesus in my heart and he has never left me.

Believe me, the list goes on but I believe I’ve proven my point.

The depth of my compassion, the strength of my empathy and humility of my heart only exist because of the many struggles I’ve endured in life.

These struggles however are far from over, they refine our character and strengthen our solidarity.

Define and share your list

Good or bad, big or small

You’ll find that your list will always match another’s in some way.

And that list is constantly changing, forever being rewritten.

And that, is amazing.

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