Speaking to Fear

I talk a lot to my kids about fear and how it predicates all kinds of behavior.

There are times we act on our fears and times we don’t act because of our fears.

First recognize how often fear is the motivator behind your behavior.

Then begin to take apart that fear piece by piece until rationality hits you.

And by taking apart your fear I simply mean ask yourself a ton of questions about what is motivating that fear and why.

You don’t have to jump out of an airplane to analyze your reasons for fearing heights or falling.

Naturally you should be able to begin to answer questions about why your feeling what your feeling.

As a father I’ve come across many gems that I want to pass on to my children and anyone who minds to listen.

One such gem is the realization of how much fear can muck up our everyday lives.

I intend to root out as much of this in my life as possible as I believe it is bane unto us all.

The secret is in the seconds between reactions , if your not paying attention those moments slip past you in a blink of an eye and “bamm!!!” Your emotionally committed to a response that might be false and fear driven.

I guess I just think we all should spend a bit more time thinking about what we think and how thinking about what we think helps us think better.

Perhaps I’ve had too many discussions with Yoda.

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