The frost of a frozen welcome.

What to do when the Anomaly is packed within your sacred escape.

No Mans Sky is boundless barring the occasional glitch that comes with greatness.

Often I get frozen right at the very moment displayed in the picture accompanying this post.

The freeze requires a reload of my previous save to get back up and running.

But what happens when the frost doesn’t thaw and the Nexus freezes you out time after time?

I found that it is systematic and with that funny pun I mean the glitch seems to stay stuck to a local system.

At first I thought the freeze was due to too many travelers jamming up the game but a simple system switch, summoning and soon I was granted the warmest welcome back into Nadas’ good graces.

So now with every season I fight the frost with neglect and travel to warmer weather where servers serve surfers open waters and the drinks are duped with O2.

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