The wisdom of the architects

To whom do you seek advice in a culture your unfamiliar with? You seek out the Kupuna (elders) and you listen to those who have built the culture.

You seek out the wisdom of those who have built what you seek to be a part of.

Here’s an example.

Plenty people move to Hawaii because they want to be a part of the exotic and beautiful culture that exist here. Plenty people move to Hawaii and then start to make changes without any regard to Hawaiians.

There are rites of passage that exist in any culture, the first step is a very real humility and respect for the culture and those who belong to it.

Seek out those architects whom have built beautiful things and learn.

Stewards need Mentors and traditions need lineage.

A culture only survives if it’s shared.

One of the greatest gifts another can give us is perception.

Receive this gift often with a humble heart.

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