Throwback Thursday for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is not only a superstitious day set to an unlucky number but for many it is a mischievous escape into to the gory, unfounded and clumsy world of Horror movies and the Slasher genre.

Personally, I find the Friday the 13th movie franchise hilariously frightening and amazing at the same time. A drown prepubescent boy grows into an undying, extremely slow walking, murderous powerhouse who kills or attempts to kill every teenager in sight, especially the half naked and super horny ones.

He fights Freddy Krueger, he finds himself in Space and he still has the time to fold half naked teenagers in half.

The one thing about Jason Voorhees that is missing is his voice and so, I often create a voice for Jason and act out what Jason might be like if he were just another guy with another weird and wacky hobby.

In my mind, Jason carries a whole other persona we don’t get a chance to see behind the machete.

In this video, perhaps you can see Jason as I see Jason..

Just another guy waiting for a special day that makes his heart feel that special way.

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