Time to sign the papers.

Today is Election Day and if you haven’t voted, today is the day you sign on the dotted line.

You pick a party

You pick a side

Or you remain undecided and try to enjoy the ride.

Democrat, Republican, Independent and the like will all try their best to coexist in a country where freedom is promised and free will makes too many unfaithful.

I look at the whole thing like a marriage counselor and the court.

I am shocked that so many couples can’t get along long enough to do what’s right for the children.

Parents letting their fear and ego project perceptions that simply aren’t true and truthfully, can be pretty perilous on the paradigms of young minds in the middle of the custody battle.

Letting someone else decide your children’s fate because you failed to compromise hurts everyone.

Including the parents

Especially the children

In the end, after the papers are signed.

Keep this mind.

What you ultimately elect shouldn’t be a one sided position.

Be compelled to see beyond politics.

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