Universally Inverted

With so many locked down and locked away the unknown world of the introvert is the new common everyday.

Every morning the stars stir my eyes and by 4am the coffee is made and I doth rise.

It all starts with an easy check, offline and out of reach are the terms I respect. All alone and left up to my wits my morning escape becomes the world I have ditched.

Externally wired for the visual review, an extroverts world is now entirely new.

Enter the peaceful domain of solitude, something an extrovert at times ignores and eludes.

But without a choice the new becomes weathered and worn, appreciated and without erupts the addicts scorn.

I never knew what sweet reprise solace inspires until pandemically persuaded to become introvertically related.

And my escape within myself is a billion light years away.

Within simulated stars universally inverted.

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