When we want things to change but do nothing new to achieve that change some would call insanity.

I refuse this condition and pray others seek a remedy.

The cycle needs a new circle to follow.

The following came across my FaceBook feed as a memory from four years ago.

November 18th 2016

I want to send out a huge Mahalo out to all my friends on FB that are painting people with such broad strokes now that the election is over.

The mantra,
“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should” comes to mind.

School kine classmates and newer friends I thought I knew better really surprised me these past few months.

Social etiquette was ignored, lines and boundaries were disrespected and I have been in absolute shock as to how intolerable people have become.

What happened to tolerance, empathy, respect and decorum?

Free speech is a beautiful concept, allowing people to speak without the fear of reprisal.

And just because you can exercise your freedom of speech in a multitude of ways it doesn’t mean you should disregard respect, tact and diplomacy to get your point across.

Things have been said or implied that I won’t ignore, insults and smug comebacks put forth that were uncalled for.

I blame the lack of cultivation of intestinal fortitude.

If you have not cultivated inner strength then when ADVERSITY strikes, you might not be strong enough to tolerate it and look for a solution.

Instead, you’ll act out and attack, you’ll demean and minimize, you’ll discredit and slander.

I’m speaking to both sides of the isle as these above symptoms are not political but personal.

To fill yourself with such hate and then release it onto others shows a lack of emotional maturity.

I suggest a bit of personal cultivation, I was once a very angry and bitter man. The pain ran very deep and it took years of cultivation to change my direction.

And it was through that discipline that I rest upon now.

As I read through a memory of familiar times my heart hurts and my mind reminds me of the pitfalls so many people pretend not to see only to fall perilously.

Eyes wide open so you can see the truth in others and in yourself.

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