A Creature Unlike Any Other Exist

Deep in The Pacific Northwest

The time for Hiding is Over

Science Fiction Just Got a Whole lot Weirder

Adapted from the upcoming Novel


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A Man and His Best Friend

Discover New Friends, New realities and a Cosmic threat in their own backyard.

Earth has a valuable Resource.

Exploited by Evil Powers from Dark Realms

Our story starts with Joe, a forest ranger in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and his dog Brownie Mocha Latte as they pick up “trail cams” on wildlife paths after the snow has started to melt. Things are not quite right… Suspicious events, trail cam footage and an unknown sentient ‘goo’ has Joe and Brownie searching the dense forest for answers.

Ancient Stewards protect and monitor Earth, a race of super intelligent scientist (Sasquatch), keep hidden, preserving the Earth along with the help of the Infinium.

The Harvesters have tapped a "life source" conduit in the Pacific Northwest and the corruption is mutating local wildlife.

Our local Steward "Marrin" a massive Sasquatch with a genuine heart is the first to discover the corruption.

A Funky Puppy Productions Film

We follow Marrin on his origin story, through the corruption and what ultimately turns him into ZombSquatch. An interdimensional scientist, Marrin has been the steward for the Pacific Northwest region for nearly a thousand years. Patient and wise, Marrin is a massive Sasquatch with the heart of a saint and a quirky admiration for everything Gen X and Syfy. Corrupted while confronting “The Harvesters”, Marrin loses his tech, his memories and his mind. His only hope searches the forest for him, racing against the corruption that wishes to consume them all.