Actions Actuate

It’s the little things that add up.

The bricks that lay the foundation
As a newlywed I read that babies feel love and it’s deep intensity by how tight you hold them to your chest.

Not to squeeze the shit out of them but to possess them In that complete moment of devine safety.

I took that insight and ran with it knowing it played a primal part in human interaction.

Soon my reputation as a supreme hug master perpetuated with every hug I put forth.

From birthday #1 I have held my kids with this insight.
They might not know it now but that familiar “squeeze” has been a constant “comfort” that subconsciously adds a brick to that foundation every time.

And even though I don’t advertise, I extend this “squeeze” with every hug I hand out knowing that each one of us deep down inside registers what that “squeeze” means.

Call me a weirdo.

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