Chaos only disrupts.

There once was a violent meth addict in my neighborhood.

As soon as he hit my radar he was pinged for life and I took notice everytime he was about.

I began to get in the way of his everyday because his everyday was attacking random people around my school and that did not usher in the safe space I was trying to manifest.

It began to frustrate him terribly that there were consequences for terrorizing people on the block and so he turned his sights on my wife and children.

He voiced his ideas to me one night in a meth fueled rant outside the Korean market at Cornets.

Directly threatening my wife and family with unspeakable harm.


I knocked him out where he stood.

Will Smith would have been so proud.

I checked his vitals and called the cops.

When he woke up he had no memory of the assault and so I confessed and gave my story to them all.

When asked if he wanted to press charges he declined.

The rookie cop asked him why?

“I needed the wake up call” he said.

The cops left and we made our peace

I suggested treatment.

He took it…..

To be honest, this could have spun out of control if it had not happened at the right moment for the right reason.

We scold chaos like we have a chance but chaos has no direction, only what it disrupts.

In this case chaos was on my side.

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