Fighting with Hugs and Happy Smiles.

I’ve been bullied my entire iteration, this time through the Third World from the Sun my lessons to be learned are how to cope with the cold voids that surround me.

Of course, literally what surrounds Earth is deadly, expansive and carries no concern for me.

Ironically, similar things are contained within the Earth, within those whom actively seek the expanse of deadly things.

47 years so far and my light is still bright but my body fights the poisons everyday. They have a way of seeping into and through so many parts of my physical form that I find myself seeking my own light more than ever before.

Just a welfare check, I’ve been lending my light to others because that is what compels light to do. When you discover what pushes dark things away, sweeping the shadows away with others seems like the obvious order of the day.

“Hey look everyone!, Hugs cure loneliness and smiles lift sad eyes!”

The reason SO many other iterations attack this message has an answer, but its not an answer I want to believe.

I’m compelled to see the best in everyone because I’ve already seen and felt the worse. So looking up from despair is the only way to focus on the way out of despair.

I sum it up to a choice of perceptions.

  1. Continue to live WITHIN the poisons that pursue me.
  2. Place the poisons where they belong, in the open, under the sun so the light can degrade them.

I’ve been beaten, denied, bullied, canceled and attacked for placing poisons in the Sun and I find the assaults’ lacking insight.

Why attack me for purging my poisons when clearly you carry your own, keep yours.

I refuse to give you mine.

Mine are finding their places in the light.

One thing that has developed over these long decades of being bullied.

I’ve gotten REALLY, REALLY good at fighting with Hugs and Happy Smiles.

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