Have a Heart to Heart between You and You

How important is identity?

Have you ever really asked yourself how and what makes up your identity?

Sure we all think we control our frame of reference, our ideas and what we associate others with or how we associate ourselves with others.

But how much of that is uniquely yours and not influenced by outside sources?

If you start to itemize things that you inherited from your parents into one list, culture and social expectations into another. Perhaps career, educational and organizational expectations into another.

You quickly strip down a large piece of what you thought was you.

And herein, beneath all the wrapping paper we just threw all over the living room floor is wonderful little gem I like to call “Mini Me”

This little piece of us needs a larger voice.

This is one of the truest forms of ourselves that we should get to know better.

Speaking for myself, this little “Mini Me” is on my mind quite often.

There have been too many unwanted influences in my life and this exercise has been very helpful in allowing me to overcome them.

Sometimes what and whom we think we are isn’t actually the truth, just labels, stigmas and expectations thrust upon us.

And because of this, meditating on this “mini me” can remind YOU of YOU..

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