Yes! You can fly!

Ascension doesn’t happen without stepping up.

The challenge we meet with the courage of two feet as we stand before a decision.

Do we step towards another or do we step away?

Stepping to the challenge that many won’t even notice.

Every step you take is premeditated with motion and your conscious compass will need compassion in line with your True North to complete the climb.

For stepping up requires stepping over the first wall of the first step.

Will I?

The second step

Should I?

The third

Can I?

The fourth step comes with courage that the answer “Yes” with the first three steps was the right answer.

And courage cultivated can teach you to fly.

And with the courage of two feet the decision to fly from the many steps you’ve climbed is met with a leap.

Because Ascension doesn’t happen without you moving your feet.

You can either step towards or away from the challenges you meet.

To what heights will you seek?

Authors note-

We often carry weights that burden our flight. And just as we have conditioned ourselves to carry such heavy burdens we can also condition the strength to let such burdens go for there is incredible power from practicing the release of such an incredible grip.

Will I let go?

Should I let go?

Can I let go these burdens that claim my feet, these chains that pull me from the clouds I seek.

Step forward and claim the Asnwer.




“Yes, you can fly!”

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