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A Mid Life Crisis during a worldwide virus.

How a Man defined by an X lives with the strain of the new everyday.

  • Footsteps in The Snow
    Mid Life Virus Podcast
  • Solidarity Soothes
    The two things that unite us all. Pain and Grace We repair with repport, holding out hands of support. Opening our heartfelt hurt for another to comfort. We all cry for the pain of others and through those tears we flow together. It’s easy not to see through our shields raised between you and me […]
  • U together
    My wife caught on years ago to my subconscious need to swing through and check on her throughout the day. My girl works all the time and so I got to slip in when the slipping is good. That’s how friends work. You support and check on each other. Thousands of times the timing was […]
  • Best intentions are great impressions.
    Your first reaction shouldn’t be your second best. Honor the voice, the vision and the spirit of another with your best foot forward without leaning on an implicit bias. Let the knee jerk reactions relax, ease away from the gavel and judge not, dismiss the discriminations, the stigmas and the stereotypes and give the moment […]
  • Escape the Cave
    The Cave wins so often. Real courage comes from facing adversity and the unknown. If you never leave the cave you never put yourself in danger. You actually allow the oldest and most primal parts of your brain to control you. How enlightened. How progressive. Want to know how to escape the cave? With this […]
  • A Contract to keep a Promise
    Children speak in promises, so promises we must keep. As I was wrapping up class last night I took the opportunity to speak about “contracts”. Adults understand contracts because children speak in promises. Often times the Adult world and its liabilities will disconnect us from that precious promise magic we spoke of as children. From […]
  • Prevailing Changes
    People will Fail, Ideas Prevail I really doubt the mentality of fealty and the loyalties people give so freely to those whom don’t deserve it and won’t last. It surprises me how easily the steep slopes entrap the flocks reasoning. Slippery words and auditioned actions always abstract the easily attracted. Sheepish within their denial Their […]
  • AND!
    Always and NeverBlack and WhiteGood and BadRich and PoorUs and Them Your ability to adapt beyond your bias starts with a word you see everyday and everyday you let it slip away. always AND neverblack AND whitegood AND badrich AND poorus AND them Dysfunction can be cured with a Conjunction.
  • Make Shift Whips
    As a young boy I saw this film in the theater. I came home from the theater and quickly fashioned a makeshift whip from bailing twine and a rock on the end for weight. As I ran about our ranch snagging tree limbs and fence post I traveled across time and the globe unearthing long […]
  • Replace the Bait.
    How do you handle being disrespected? The control of contempt comes not from silence. But from honesty. Can we control our reactions on both fronts? On the initial trespass and on its reaction? We hold our tongues and our fist out of the discipline of character. This discipline extrapolates into courage. Can you have the […]

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