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A Mid Life Crisis during a worldwide virus.

How a Man defined by an X lives with the strain of the new everyday.

  • Sage advice: Aim away from flat rocks.
    I don’t like wet feet but I do like to compete. Competing for the sake of sport is neat, but the foul meat of a rotten ego is like pissing on everyone’s feet. I don’t like foul meat nor do I think rotten egos are neat, my feet won’t be found beneath your pissy treat.
  • Writers rewriting wrong written rights
    Once I realized the inevitable rewrite was a part of life I exhaled years of doubt and started having fun. A writer writes and rewriting is writing. Every letter, every word becomes another sentence in a new page. Keep writing new pages.
  • The Games we Play
    We check the past for trespasses as we presently trespass upon each other propagating future trespass checkers We are cloning checkers without a checkmate. Pawns in both games where the rules don’t apply to the other.
  • Unseen Reflections.
    If you need to see yourself in everything you look at, look in the mirror for the things you have yet to see. Find the balance within the swirl of emotions that sway your everyday perceptions. Your paradigms are not permanent and misplaced projections subject others to unfair objections. Before denying others their own point […]
  • Stifling the Slip
    There are times you need to slow down and recognize your triggers. Question your perceptions What challenges challenge you? Identifying slippery slopes sooner can mitigate the regrets later. I was challenged this morning twice. Once with fearOnce with pride I am overcoming both Trying not to stumble. Grumble grumble….
  • Within the Atlas Path
    And last we spoke you thought I was your friend and now I am not so sure of that.  Perhaps another path will offer me salvation..
  • ZombSquatch Script Sample
    Enjoy the first few pages and opening scenes for ZombSquatch and the beginning of what will a 5000 year adventure.
  • My Symptoms don’t match my reality.
    The moments your symptoms replace your reality can crush you. Only recently have their voices meant less to me. Such a persistent pride, the pack of symptoms that want your life. Wether it’s depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, imposter syndrome or whatever names they like to take. I have found that there remains a seed deep […]
  • Take a walk and work it out.
    Impatience with a reaction creates cognitive traction. Stimulus creates a reaction and not all reactions are legitimate. I tend to be impatient with illegitimate emotional reactions and as such, cognitively work to rationalize a shift in paradigm or perspective to equalize my discomfort. In other words, I count to 10, take a walk and work […]
  • Please be the Weirdo

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