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A Mid Life Crisis during a worldwide virus.

How a Man defined by an X lives with the strain of the new everyday.

  • Their limits are not your limitations.
    This mantra reminds me that I am enough.
  • Choose Wisely
    I have become very mindful of what mentality I manifest over the past few decades.Over time I have been able to cultivate a less compromised cognitive continuity. In other words I’m getting better at controlling my emotions. The brain is all about efficient pathways.Unfortunately, implicit bias or “habitual perceptions” as I like to call them […]
  • Inspire education
    Correction is not Condemnation. A great message to reiterate often with children as they learn. Children can be pretty hard on themselves at times and those children often grow into adults whom repeat youthful habits. An explanation early on can set a paradigm of progress in which mistakes present a path to improvement and not […]
  • Cathartic Skips across the Waters
    Affirmations are a firm foundation to build change upon My Symptoms don’t match my reality at times with PTSD trying to hijack my mind and so we play this little game, where I insist on change while PTSD wishes for me to remain the same.  And like any good intellectual banter, the upper hand belongs […]
  • Makaha Memories
    Daily adventures were the norm and Makaha is a place I will always adore.
  • Battle Tested
    Man does life beat you up. Father of five My youngest are 17 (twins) I’ve been a battered Marine I’ve been beaten by tweens. I’ve moved 10 times and carried 30 couches I was hit by a truck, bashed by the reef, infected, rejected and detested. Being a father has put me front and center […]
  • Propagate Patience
  • Get a Grip
    Without that grip so many things we care about can slip. Floating away as we trip on every drip that slips up our steps towards our dreams. It is easier than you think to skip unseen into the storm that quenches distraction. The need for action here and a little distraction there as downpours flood […]
  • Partners in creative criticism.
    If we are not open to partnerships we remain closed to possibilities. Partnerships matter and partnerships come in many forms. I have been working on several creative protects and several pivotal moments have been created by good advice, judgment calls and constructive criticism.
  • Take what you can swallow
    Change and truth are tough pills to swallow. Knowing the truth motivates the change. There are many chances to call ourselves to task over shortcomings and redundancy.Let your truth motivate the change you want.

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