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A Mid Life Crisis during a worldwide virus.

How a Man defined by an X lives with the strain of the new everyday.

  • Give them a heartfelt show to resemble.
    Boys must see the hearts of Men. Boys need to see empathy engagedBoys need to see soulful introspectionBoys need to see respectful restraintBoys need to see fearless forgivenessBoys need to see complete compassionBoys need to see permanent patienceBoys need to see resilient resolveBoys need to see affection that affirmsBoys need to see value that validatesBoys […]
  • Is that an accent?
    The Tactics of Attraction Growing up listening to the blissful recall of my families criminality taught me many things. The most obvious lesson was that of distraction. Commit the crime Accuse another Distract the attraction Rinse and repeat. If you have heard the language of deceit it is as easy to distinguish as a foreign […]
  • Clean Water is Worth it.
    What flows beyond us. At this moment in time you are the filter of what future waters are consumed. What gets rejected and what gets used is all up to the filters you choose. The cleanest waters we can give each other are the ones mindfully monitored. Those waters that flow beyond us are easily […]
  • Check out my amazing lunchbox with matching thermos.
    What color is your soul? Mine is blue and sparkly like all the special effects in the 80s. At least that is what I suspect. Cool “Cocoon” or “poltergeist” type effects. Yup…… I’m totally blue and sparkly. If more people asked this question more people might realize how silly it is to argue about the […]
  • Definitions deserve discovery
    It’s all about how you define things. Five years into my marriage I stumbled across a concept in an article while reading a magazine in a doctors office.Not only did this concept create a defining moment in our marriage but I’ve gone on with great success implementing its practice in every other part of my […]
  • The strength to forgo the storm.
    Memories really make us what we are. I remember these times. (The day when I wrote this) Those struggles with the definitions of others and what definitions I assigned myself. Amazing what can happen when you finally learn that the strength to hold onto umbrellas requires you to dismiss the storms that threaten your grip. […]
  • You’re a poet and didn’t even know it.
    The inner child whom stands in shadow keeps the adult wary of the light. It is this child’s fight that needs the courage one builds as they become an adult. Exactly what it took to survive life all these years is what it will take to survive your past. Only now you know the future […]
  • Exit, Eyes, Emotion
    Three seconds to think about three things that raise your situational awareness. Situational awareness is a heavy word which to some can imply knowing about everything that is going on around you at all times.This perception is impossible to achieve but you can increase your awareness of what’s going on with little tiny nudges towards […]
  • Chaos only disrupts.
    There once was a violent meth addict in my neighborhood. As soon as he hit my radar he was pinged for life and I took notice everytime he was about. I began to get in the way of his everyday because his everyday was attacking random people around my school and that did not usher […]
  • Begin Construction as soon as possible.
    There will always be risk What you attach to that risk either constructs or constricts your character. I’ve been an instructor, coach, counselor, consultant, confidant and friend to many in my life and I imagine many, many more. To each light shine your brightest. The test will be who follows, who learns and who leads […]

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